Geosciences Research Division

Professor of Nuclear Physics

Research Interests

  • Utilization of natural nuclear processes to understand planetary physical and chemical processes and their rate constants
  • Cosmic ray-produced radioisotopes in diverse terrestrial environments, atmosphere, lakes, oceans, and sediments, and of nuclear tracks in moon, meteorites, and terrestrial samples
  • Development of quantitative methods for the study of process geomorphology including continental weathering and erosion processes, evolutionary history of diamonds, and phosphorus biodynamics in oceans using cosmogenic 32P, 33P, and 7Be radionuclides
  • Studies of nuclear reactions in the solar photosphere from examination of radionuclides in solar wind
  • Studies of past accumulation and ablation rates of polar ice using¬†in situproduced cosmogenic¬†14C


  • B.S., Banaras Hindu University
  • M.S., Banaras Hindu University
  • D.Sc., Banaras Hindu University, India
  • D.Sc., Bombay University, India